Top news world today 2020/6/28 part-1

Discover top news world today 2020/6/28 part-1

10yearold rocker girl receives guitar from one of her favorite musicians. 12 states pause reopening as coronavirus cases surge in US. 17 Rikers Island corrections officers disciplined in death of transgender woman. 2020 NBA schedule: The 12 most important games of the restarted regular season. 22 Police Officers Injured in Scuffles at Illegal London Block Party. 30:Thirty Festival gives Suffolks young artists a boost. 5 Measures That May Lower Your Alzheimer’s Risk. 5 students tell you why they want policefree schools. 5 Travel Podcasts to Cure StuckatHome Syndrome. 9 Hand Sanitizers May Be Toxic F.D.A. Warns. A ‘Cure for Heart Disease’ A Single Shot Succeeds in Monkeys. A 6yearold stock photo from Italy The backstory of Drew Brees viral apology image. A 9yearold and her friends have raised nearly $100000 selling bracelets to help blackowned businesses. A Black Hole’s Lunch Provides a Treat for Astronomers. A coronavirus survivors story: I touched death. A difficult day on the Covid frontline. A DNA MixUp Involving a Washing Machine Kept a Man in Jail for 3 Years. A movement to push police out of schools is growing nationwide. Here is why. A MultibillionDollar Opportunity: VirusProofing the New Office. A professor is reviewing every drug being tried against Covid19. Heres what hes found. A Row Over Trees Could Spark the Next War Between Israel and Lebanon. A Simple Way to Save Lives as Covid19 Hits Poorer Nations.. A Step Toward 51. A Virus Walks Into a Bar …. A War Against Climate Science Waged by Washington’s Rank and File. A wedding photographer like no other. Actual Coronavirus Infections Vastly Undercounted C.D.C. Data Shows. Adelie Foods collapse: I just dont know when Im going to get work. Afghan Deaths Pile Up in Uncertainty Over U.S. Deal With Taliban. Afghanistan war: Russia denies paying militants to kill US troops. African Migrants in Yemen Scapegoated for Coronavirus Outbreak. After Death Warrant for Bear Animal Rights Groups Demand Fair Trial. Ahead of Trump Visit Church Makes Unproven Claim of VirusKilling Technology. Alibaba Switches Lazada CEO Again in Tough ECommerce Market. All you need to know on the coronavirus. Amazon to Acquire SelfDriving Startup Zoox. Amazon to Buy Zoox in a Move Toward SelfDriving Cars. Amazon Workers Urge Bezos to Match His Words on Race With Actions. Analysis: After weeks of protests meaningful police reform appears unlikely. Analysis: Trumps selfdefeating resistance to mask wearing says it all. Analysis: Trumps unpopularity isnt new. Its his normal state. . Analysis: What Cuomo wants Trump to admit about coronavirus. Analysis: Why the EU is so White. Analyst: Gross malpractice if Trump not briefed on bounties. Another Tweet From Trump Gets a Label From Twitter. Apple Announces New Privacy Features. Apple Is the Newest Chip Giant in Town. Apple to Ditch Intel Chips in Macs as It Consolidates Its Power. Arctic Circle sees highestever recorded temperatures. Are vacations safe now Heres what experts say. Arizona ‘Overwhelmed’ With Demand for Tests as U.S. System Shows Strain. Artificial Intelligence Helps to Decode Earthquake Swarms. Artist says white institutional fragility has to end. As Americans struggle to balance staying home with feeling like they need to get out heres what health experts want you to know. As New Coronavirus Cases Hit Another Record in the U.S. Some States Delay Reopenings. As Pandemic Keeps Borders Shut Closed Consulates Are Biggest Barrier for Many. At Least 83 Killed by Lightning in Northeastern India. Atlanta hospital sterilizes instruments with bottled water after main break . Australian Politician’s Home Raided in Chinese Influence Inquiry. BA cabin crew: I wont earn enough to pay my mortgage. Baraclough named new Northern Ireland manager. Barr’s Interest in Google Antitrust Case Keeps It Moving Swiftly. Baseball players irrational love of their gloves. Behind Wirecards Collapse: Allegations of Lies Spies and Missing Billions. BeiDou: China launches final satellite in challenge to GPS. Beijing opened an embassy on a tiny remote island during the pandemic. Heres why.. Being black in business is being on your own. Better worse or the same: Stacking up NFL teams progress in 2020. Bipolar man with a sword dies after being tased by NYPD. Black neutron star discovery changes astronomy. Black women scientists missing from textbooks study finds. Blackpink: How You Like That scores the biggest premiere in YouTube history. Blowing Bubbles to Pollinate Flowers. Bob Dylans 39th album Rough And Rowdy Ways makes UK chart history. BP plans for postcoronavirus lowcarbon future. BP Prepares for a Future That Needs Less Oil. Brazil and the U.S. Drive New Coronavirus Infections. Breakthrough Drug for Covid19 May Be Risky for Mild Cases. Brexit: UK starts work on buying own satnav system to rival Galileo. Bridesmaids star Rose Byrne on her double helping of political movies. Britains blindingly cool engineering innovation. Broadway actor fighting coronavirus suffers setback wife says. Bryant: What The Last Dance reveals about Michael Jordans legacy. BuzzFeed Fires Reporter After Investigation Into Plagiarism. Can Kenzie Ziegler go from child star to pop star. Can street vendors change China from a jobs crisis Beijing appears divided. Can thermal cameras help spot coronavirus. Can we go on holiday with another family And other questions. Can You Eat Cheese Thats Been in the Fridge for a Month. Canada Reopens but Little Returns to the Old Ways. Canal towpath exercise: ‘I can’t socially distance’. Celebrating India’s Innovative Spirit Through Design. Change is coming Tommie Smith backs stars taking knee . China Message to U.S.: Crossing Red Lines Could Put Trade Deal at Risk. China to FastTrack Coronavirus Vaccine Trial Based on Advanced Genetics Technology. China’s Military Provokes Its Neighbors but the Message Is for the United States. China’s New National Security Law Looms Over Hong Kong. Circadia Gets FDA Nod for AIPowered Respiratory Monitor. Clap for Carers: The nation celebrates the work of the NHS and care workers. Climate Basics: CO2 explained. Climate Change Tied to Pregnancy Risks Affecting Black Mothers Most. Climate change: Planting new forests can do more harm than good. Climate change: Sport heading for a fall as temperatures rise. CocaCola suspends social media advertising despite Facebook changes. Cofounder of group that protested for state to reopen tests positive for coronavirus. Colombian soldiers confess to sexually abusing indigenous girl says Attorney General. Colorado protesters calling for justice in the death of Elijah McClain shut down highway . Companies Criticize Visa Suspensions but Impact May Be Muted for Now. Congo’s Deadliest Ebola Outbreak Is Declared Over. Container enthusiasm: How to grow lockdown veg in a tiny space. Coronavirus and psychiatric hospitals: Staff are scared patients are scared. Coronavirus Briefing: What Happened Today. Coronavirus bubbles: How do they work and who is in yours. Coronavirus cases linked to Michigan bar multiply. Coronavirus changes how doctors deal with death. Coronavirus death rate falling in hospitals. Coronavirus deaths: How big is the epidemic in care homes. Coronavirus doctors diary: Is lockdown good for your heart. Coronavirus doctors diary: Making rapid lifeanddeath decisions. Coronavirus doctors diary: Our hospitals werent made to use this much oxygen. Coronavirus doctors diary: They say I have blood on my hands. Coronavirus doctors diary: We arent diagnosing many cancers now. Coronavirus doctors diary: Why are people stealing hospital supplies. Coronavirus Global News: Live Updates. Coronavirus immunity: Can you catch it twice. Coronavirus in UK: Heat Wave Draws Out Crowds. Coronavirus Live News and Updates. Coronavirus Live Updates: Latest News and Analysis. Coronavirus lockdown: Lessons from Hokkaidos second wave of infections. Coronavirus lockdown: When will it end and how. Coronavirus lockdown: Why can some of us meet six people. Coronavirus lockdown: Why cant some businesses reopen in England yet. Coronavirus presents chance to help Londons homeless. Coronavirus Resurgence Germany FIFA: Your Friday Briefing. Coronavirus Rising in Florida Arizona California and Texas: What We Know. Coronavirus UK map: How many confirmed cases are there in your area. Coronavirus vaccine: First evidence jab can train immune system. Coronavirus: ‘I’m frustrated we can’t reopen’. Coronavirus: 5G and microchip conspiracies around the world. Coronavirus: 70% of BAME pharmacists have had no risk assessment survey. Coronavirus: Am I at risk during pregnancy. Coronavirus: Can I get a holiday refund and what are my travel rights. Coronavirus: Can you compare the UK with Italy. Coronavirus: Coming 5000 miles to die for the NHS. Coronavirus: Could social distancing of less than two metres work. Coronavirus: Cut negatives capture the isolation of lockdown. Coronavirus: Delhi struggles to cope with Covid19 surge. Coronavirus: Delta to extend caps on passenger numbers. Coronavirus: Devon care homes were hit so quickly. Coronavirus: Do face masks actually work. Coronavirus: Doctors urge difficult conversations about death. Coronavirus: Does anyone have a working contacttracing app. Coronavirus: Does being overweight or obese affect how ill people get. Coronavirus: Does lockdown easing follow the science. Coronavirus: Eight things that have kept us going in lockdown. Coronavirus: Expert says Scotland could be Covidfree by end of summer. Coronavirus: Florida and Texas reverse reopening as infections surge. Coronavirus: Florida and Texas reverse reopening as US cases pass 2.5m. Coronavirus: Half a million access suicide prevention course. Coronavirus: Has the NHS got enough PPE. Coronavirus: Holiday bookings explode as travel restrictions ease. Coronavirus: How Africas supply chains are evolving. Coronavirus: How comingofage rituals were interrupted and reinvented. Coronavirus: How dangerous is lifting lockdown. Coronavirus: How Delhi wasted lockdown to become Indias biggest hotspot. Coronavirus: How does contact tracing work. Coronavirus: How England lags behind other UK nations on testing. Coronavirus: How funerals under lockdown have felt incomplete. Coronavirus: How lockdown is being lifted across Europe. Coronavirus: How long does it take to recover. Coronavirus: How many people have died in the UK. Coronavirus: How NHS Nightingale was built in just nine days. Coronavirus: How safe are takeaways and supermarket deliveries. Coronavirus: How safe is it to get on a plane. Coronavirus: How to fly during a global pandemic. Coronavirus: I know my life will not be saved in this pandemic. Coronavirus: Im high risk but made a full recovery. Coronavirus: Inside an ICU fighting Covid19. Coronavirus: Intensive care and other key terms explained. Coronavirus: Leicester could be locked down says home secretary. Coronavirus: Lockdown flypast marks Armed Forces Day. Coronavirus: Looking for viruses in Thai bats. Coronavirus: Many said goodbye to loved ones in an ambulance. Coronavirus: Meet the exNHS staff who are returning to work. Coronavirus: More care urged for pregnant BAME patients. Coronavirus: Most children experience only mild disease. Coronavirus: New laws to ease outdoor drinking and dining rules. Coronavirus: NHS app paves the way for immunity passports. Coronavirus: PM will not return to austerity of 10 years ago. Coronavirus: Post Office ends travel money suspension. Coronavirus: Seacole hospital a tribute to BAME NHS staff. Coronavirus: Second national lockdown not needed Neil Ferguson. Coronavirus: Shepreth Wildlife Park staff record life during lockdown. Coronavirus: Should I start taking vitamin D. Coronavirus: Taxi drivers unprotected against Covid19. Coronavirus: The chaplains at the front line of endoflife care. Coronavirus: The foods we are all eating during lockdown. Coronavirus: The health claims that wont go away. Coronavirus: The human cost of virus misinformation. Coronavirus: The mystery of asymptomatic silent spreaders. Coronavirus: The struggle of living in lockdown with autism. Coronavirus: Tsar says PPE shortage crisis is over. Coronavirus: UK measures making a difference. Coronavirus: US hits record high in daily cases. Coronavirus: Volunteers help protect NHS workers. Coronavirus: Volunteers recruited for antibody home test trials. Coronavirus: We need a designated shielding hour. Coronavirus: We went from 30 customers to one in 18 hours. Coronavirus: Were taking pandemic seriously says beauty firm. Coronavirus: What are the risks for children. Coronavirus: What are the rules on weddings. Coronavirus: What are ventilators and why are they important. Coronavirus: What could local lockdowns look like in England. Coronavirus: What is a second wave and is one coming. Coronavirus: What is dexamethasone and how does it work. Coronavirus: What is intensive care and which patients need it. Coronavirus: What is the k number and can superspreading be stopped. Coronavirus: What is the R number and how is it calculated. Coronavirus: What is the risk to men over 50. Coronavirus: What is the true death toll of the pandemic. Coronavirus: What it does to the body. Coronavirus: What its like to fly in the new normal. Coronavirus: What life without a leisure centre means for us. Coronavirus: What will a night out be like after lockdown. Coronavirus: What will a reopened pub be like. Coronavirus: Whats going wrong in Swedens care homes. Coronavirus: Whats happening in Peru. Coronavirus: Whats the chance of going on holiday. Coronavirus: When did care homes go into lockdown. Coronavirus: When will pubs bars cafes and restaurants reopen. Coronavirus: When will the outbreak end and life get back to normal. Coronavirus: When your childs in intensive care with Covid19. Coronavirus: Who should be shielding. Coronavirus: Who should wear a face mask or face covering. Coronavirus: Why healthcare workers are at risk of moral injury. Coronavirus: Wildlife scientists examine the great human pause. Coronavirus: Will popup bike lanes keep new cyclists on the road. Coronavirus: Will summer make a difference. Coronavirus: Woman 95 clapped home after virus recovery. Coronavirus: Your pictures on the theme of walking. Costco Target and other stores relax coronavirus safety policies. Covid19 means I can join Pride and not get arrested. Creating an online course changed my life. Dana White offers a first look at UFC Fight Island. Day plays solo round after negative virus test.

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