Top news world today 2020/6/29 part-3

Discover top news world today 2020/6/29 part-3

U.S. Sets Record for Daily New Cases as Virus Surges in South and West. U.S. States Backtrack on Reopening as Coronavirus Cases Climb. U.S. Virus Surge Hong Kong Pride: Your Monday Briefing. UK Biobank: DNA to unlock coronavirus secrets. Understanding the dress codes of Orthodox Jewish women. Urban dwellers yearn for Good Life allotments. US beekeepers fear for their future. US Covid19 patients are crossing the border for medical care. US woman sparks tea outrage British military responds. Video shows encounter between woman and mom with young child at yogurt shop. Video shows social distancing stickers being removed from Trump rally seats. Viewpoint: I feel like I was accidentally hired. Vinograd on Trump denial: My moms watching so Ill be polite. Wait to celebrate together when the time is right Klopp plea to Liverpool fans. Want to start cycling to work Heres how. Wary of Subways 6 Electric Options for a Solo Work Commute. Washing machines microplastic filters untested. Whale freed from fishing net off Italian coast. What Biking in New York City Reveals About Our Strange Times. What It Takes to Run Spelling Manor The Disneyland of Private Homes. What its like flying across the US right now. What Texas Would Look Like Without Obamacare. What to Do When You Need to Use a Public Bathroom During a Pandemic. What to Watch: A Documentary on Singing Legend Ella Fitzgerald. When Face Masks Hide Your Smile and Other Emotions.. When the Police Treat Software Like Magic. When working from home is much more than emailing. Where coronavirus cases are rising and falling. White House Considers Broad Federal Intervention to Secure 5G Future. Who can now get a test. Who needs Wimbledon Strawberry sales soar. Why does Bollywood use the offensive practice of brownface in movies. Why Huaweis days in the UK could be numbered. Why is UK recycling being dumped by Turkish roadsides. Why isnt Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill yet. Why Jeep Should Change Its Problematic Monikers. Why the WHO got caught between China and Trump. Why You Need a Trip to Toni Morrisons Mythical Caribbean This Summer. Wildfire raging in Nevada turns Las Vegas sky red. Will Anyone Bid $60 Million Online for a Painting. Wimbledon: Coco Gauff on overnight recognition Michelle Obama & learning to drive. Wirecard: Cardholders money locked as FCA freezes UK subsidiary. Wirecard: It’s really bad. I’m left with nothing. With Flights Banned Son Sails Solo Across Atlantic to Reach Father 90. Women With Cancer Awarded Billions in Baby Powder Suit. World Series odds pennant odds and win totals for all 30 MLB teams. Wrongfully Accused by an Algorithm.

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