Top news world today 2020/7/1 afternoon, part-2

Discover top news world today 2020/7/1 afternoon, part-2

Coronavirus: What are ventilators and why are they important. Coronavirus: What does it mean if Ive been furloughed by work. Coronavirus: What is a second wave and is one coming. Coronavirus: What is dexamethasone and how does it work. Coronavirus: What is intensive care and which patients need it. Coronavirus: What is the k number and can superspreading be stopped. Coronavirus: What is the R number and how is it calculated. Coronavirus: What is the true death toll of the pandemic. Coronavirus: What its like to fly in the new normal. Coronavirus: What tests are being done in the UK. Coronavirus: What will a night out be like after lockdown. Coronavirus: Whats behind alarming new US outbreaks. Coronavirus: Whats going wrong in Swedens care homes. Coronavirus: When did care homes go into lockdown. Coronavirus: When will the outbreak end and life get back to normal. Coronavirus: When your childs in intensive care with Covid19. Coronavirus: Who should be shielding. Coronavirus: Who should wear a face mask or face covering. Coronavirus: Why has Bedford got a high infection rate. Coronavirus: Why healthcare workers are at risk of moral injury. Coronavirus: Wildlife scientists examine the great human pause. Coronavirus: Will summer make a difference. Coronavirus: Worst could be yet to come WHO warns. Costco stops selling halfsheet cakes . Could a boycott kill Facebook. Couple finds pepperoni swastika on pizza. Covid19 keeps putting the new school year in total limbo. Covid19 rates spiked in Allegheny County after bars and restaurants reopened. Covid19 vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech shows encouraging data in early study. Covid19: How to be a travel vlogger in lockdown. Crucible: Amazon pulls boring bigbudget video game. Crush This Lady. Inside eBays Bizarre Campaign Against a Blog Critic.. Cystic fibrosis patients offered lifetransforming drug. Dad stunned when 9yearold playing basketball in front yard hides from police. Death rate back to normal in UK. DecadesOld Soviet Studies Hint at Coronavirus Strategy. Declining eyesight can be improved by looking at red light pilot study says. Democratic senator says Trump is undermining his experts: Its almost as if we have two different federal governments. Democrats Detail a Climate Agenda Tying Environment to Racial Justice. Denise Welch shares her mental health survival tips. Dennis Nagle Free Spirit With an Engineer’s Mind Dies at 78. Disgraced Lobbyist Jack Abramoff Headed Back to Jail. DNA points to 8yearolds killer after 38 years. Does Your Local Doctor Have a Coronavirus Test for You. Dog Breeding in the Neolithic Age. Dont forget LeBrons astounding oncourt legacy in Miami. Dr Disrespect: The mystery surrounding his Twitch ban. Dr. William Dement Leader in Sleep Disorder Research Dies at 91. Duke of Sussex praises young antiracism activists. E.P.A. Won’t Regulate Toxic Compound Linked to Fetal Brain Damage. Early 4th of July sales worth celebrating. EasyJet plans to close bases and cut staff. EBay’s Critics Faced an Extreme Case of an Old Silicon Valley Habit. Ed Henry fired from Fox News over sexual misconduct allegation. Ed Henry: Fox News anchor fired over wilful sexual misconduct claim. Egypt Arrests Doctors After Coronavirus Complaints. Eight things Will Ferrells Eurovision movie gets wrong and two it gets right. Electric planes milestone first UK test flight at Cranfield. Elk Return to Kentucky Bringing Economic Life. Emily Eavis: Glastonbury 2021 will be a double celebration. Englands museums and galleries to reopen after 4 July. Epsom Derby: Frankie Dettori has no plan to retire. Escooters UK speed limit shocks blindness charity. EU Opens Up to Some Travelers but Not Americans. Europe Travel Hong Kong Law Russia: Your Wednesday Briefing. European Union Bars Travelers from US Formalizes Reopening. Even the South Pole Is Warming and Quickly Scientists Say. Everything you need to know as MLBs 2020 season restart begins. ExFBI deputy director: Heres what briefing Trump is like. ExGeorge W. Bush officials launch new group supporting Joe Biden. Explosion in Iran Kills 19 State TV Says. Extra £14bn needed a year for climate report says. F.C.C. Designates Huawei and ZTE as National Security Threats. Facebook Ad Boycott Grows Citing Failure to Control Hate Speech. Facebook Adds Labels for Some Posts as Advertisers Pull Back. Facebook Bans Large Segment of Boogaloo Movement. Facebook Bans Network With ‘Boogaloo’ Ties. Facebook bans violent Boogaloolinked network. Facebook must develop a conscience. Facebook targets false news amid growing pressure from advertisers. Facebook: Aviva and Intercontinental Hotels Group pause ads. Facebooks Tensions With Advertisers Predate the Boycott. Family of Dodgers Toles just glad hes alive. Father opens up about 9yearold son hiding from police. Fauci warns Congress that new US coronavirus cases could rise to 100000 a day. Fauci warns US could face 100000 daily coronavirus cases. Fault warning for Emerade 500 adrenaline pens. Feds loan $700 million to a trucking company sued for ripping off taxpayers. Ferrari forced to make a major redesign of their car. First pantomimes cancelled ahead of makeorbreak Christmas for theatres. First Viking ship excavation in a century begins in Norway. Fiveterm Colorado Rep. Scott Tipton loses GOP primary to farright challenger. Flu virus with pandemic potential found in China. Flying snakes Heres how they can glide through the air. Flying Through the Pandemic With the New United CEO. For Lesbians TikTok Is ‘the Next Tinder’. For Those Getting Married a Searchable Domestic Violence Database. Fox News reporter asks Biden about his cognitive ability. Francis Bacon painting sells for $84M at firstofitskind virtual auction. François Fillon ExPresidential Hopeful in France Is Convicted of Embezzlement. Fraudulent Covid Antibody Tests FBI Warns of Scammers Identity Theft. Gadgets Should Have Expiration Dates. Garden villages lockingin car dependency says report. George Floyd: Adidas human resources boss quits amid racism row. German Special Forces unit to be dissolved source says after reported farright links. Giant Wendys and Pizza Hut franchisee files for bankruptcy. Going Up Not So Fast: Strict New Rules to Govern Elevator Culture. Golden State Killer survivor: We dont own that shame. Good luck youre on your own Cooper on US virus strategy. Google and Facebook too powerful says watchdog. Google buys smart glasses company North. Google Sets Limit on How Long It Will Store Some Data. Google stops storing photos from WhatsApp and Instagram. Google Strikes Deals to Pay Some Publishers for News. Googles Marian Croak Aimed for the Top. She Couldnt Escape Racism.. Government plans new office to attract scientists to UK. GPs to trial Covid drugs to stop severe symptoms. Greens joins threeparty Ireland coalition. Greta Thunberg: Climate change as urgent as coronavirus. Gun violence surges in major cities in the midst of a pandemic and a policing crisis. Gurinder Chadha turns lockdown into family film. Hachalu Hundessa Ethiopian Singer and Activist Is Shot Dead. Hachalu Hundessa: Fifty killed in protests over Ethiopian singers death. Harvey Weinstein sellout angers some accusers. Harvey Weinstein: Some accusers denounce $19m sellout settlement. He hasnt played in MLB in nearly two decades. One team is paying him $1.2 million a year until 2035. He was an athlete in the best shape of his life. Then Covid19 nearly killed him. Heres why the Mets still pay Bobby Bonilla $1.19 million today . and every July 1 through 2035. Homeland Security establishes task force to protect monuments memorials and statues. Hong Kong citizens rush to delete social media posts. Hong Kong Police Quickly Enforce Beijings Security Law as Thousands Protest. Hong Kong Security Law Sends a Chill Over the City. Hong Kong security law: Residents react to controversial new powers. Hong Kong: First arrests as antiprotest law kicks in on handover anniversary. Hong Kong: First arrests under antiprotest law as handover marked. Hong Kong: UK makes citizenship offer to residents. Hong Kong’s New Weapon Against Protesters: A Purple Warning Flag. Hong Kongs new security law: Why it scares people. Hong Kongs Security Law Brings the Beijing Treatment. Hotel employee calls police on Black family using the pool as guests. House Investigating Company Selling Phone Location Data to Government. How a Ruling on Gay and Transgender Rights May Help the Climate. How App Makers Break Their Apps to Avoid Paying Apple. How Bees Avoid Bumping Into Nature’s Obstacle Course. How Cities Are Trying to Avert Gridlock After Coronavirus Lockdowns. How college football is trying to answer its biggest returntoplay questions. How Days of Thunder became NASCARs most beloved and hated cult classic. How Do Flying Snakes Glide Through the Air ‘It’s Hard to Believe’. How Elon Musk aims to revolutionise battery technology. How Facebook scammers target people at risk of suicide. How I want to remember my dad. How José Andrés Faces the Challenge of Feeding Millions. How lavender became a symbol of LGBTQ resistance. How my carer saved me during lockdown. How one teaspoon of Amazon soil teems with fungal life. How the Coronavirus ShortCircuits the Immune System. How to make a road trip as safe as possible. How to Make Ice Cream in 5 Minutes Without Any Cream. How to Make Sense of the Roberts Court. How to Make Smartphones Last Longer. How to Raise an AntiRacist Kid. How UK museums are responding to Black Lives Matter. Huawei: Ministers signal switch in policy over 5G policy. Human remains found during search for missing Fort Hood soldier Vanessa Guillen. Humanist weddings: Landmark High Court challenge to legally recognise marriages. I always remember feeling like the outsider. I feel like I dont count says man with MND. I returned to nursing the day the pandemic was declared. Ian Desmond opts out of 2020 MLB season in an emotional Instagram post. Illegal Logging Is Blamed for Worsening Floods in Ukraine. Im serving as hard as I was in my mid20s Murray. In 5 Countries Overwhelming Majorities Want Cleaner Air Poll Finds. In early count Russians vote in favor of amendments that could keep Putin in power until 2036. In Japan the Message of AntiRacism Protests Fails to Hit Home. In Norway Gymgoers Avoid Infections as Virus Recedes. In Vintage TV Ads a Curious Fountain of Hope and Cheese. Increase car taxes to help climate advisers say. India Ban Hurts Chinese Tech in Worlds Biggest Untapped Market. India Bans TikTok of China Tightening Digital Borders. India Bans TikTok WeChat and Dozens of Other Chinese Apps. India Blocks Chinese Apps Including TikTok After Border Clash. India Debates SkinTone Bias as Beauty Companies Alter Ads. India’s Capital Faces a ‘Swarmageddon’ of Locusts. Indias TikTok influencers respond to government ban. Infant sleep issues linked to mental health problems in adolescents study suggests. Inside the rise of MLBs Ivy League culture: Stunning numbers and a question of whats next. Inspired by the kids he drove every day a school bus driver got his college degree to become a teacher . International Nurses Day: The gran mum and daughter on the front line. Internet cut off in Ethiopia amid outcry over death of singeractivist. Introducing ESPNs greatest alltime college baseball team. Iran Issues Arrest Warrants for Trump and 35 Others in Suleimani Killing. Iran Issues Death Sentence for Opposition Journalist. Is Becky Hill pops biggest unknown star. Is It Safe to Go to the Dentist Again. Is the hydrogen tech revolution hope or hype. Israel annexation: What is the West Bank. Italian police seize the largest drug haul in the world. Its Bobby Bonilla Day! Why Mets pay him $1.19 million today and every July 1. Ive been stared at in disbelief when I introduce myself. Jennifer Aniston shares a friendly reminder to wear a damn mask. John J. Mooney an Inventor of the Catalytic Converter Dies at 90. Johnny Mandel: Michael Buble leads tributes to genius Mash composer. Joseph GordonLevitt on beating lockdown online. Judge blocks tellall by Trump niece for now. Judge temporarily blocks publication of tellall book by President Trumps niece. Kanye Wests latest music video was directed by artist Arthur Jafa. Kat Returns to the Office. Her Employer Watches Closely.. Kenneth Lewes Who Challenged Views of Homosexuality Dies at 76. Ketchup and mustard packets are pandemic bestsellers. Thats bad news for the environment. Ketchup mustard and spice packets are selling like hotcakes. Key questions about the Perseverance rover. Key questions as Minor League Baseball officially cancels 2020 season. Kirk Smith Towering Figure in Environmental Science Dies at 73. League of Legends: Casters Aux Hiprain & Troubleinc simply explain game. Lego pulls ads on Facebook over hate speech. Leicester lockdown tightened as coronavirus cases rise. Leicester lockdown: Shocked residents prepare for new restrictions. Leicester Tigers: Manu Tuilagi one of six players set to be released. Live Coronavirus Updates: Global Tracker. Liverpool will attack title next season not defend it Klopp. Local lockdowns: Misleading claims circulate online. Lori Vallow faces more charges after her childrens bodies were found. Los Angeles City Council moves forward with plan to replace police officers with communitybased responders for nonviolent calls. Louis Mahoney trailblazing actor and activist dies. Majestic Icon or Invasive Pest A War Over Australia’s Wild Horses. Man accused of Ohio State threat pleads guilty. Man City agree to sell Sane to Bayern Munich for initial £44.7m. Many government call handlers traced no Covid contacts. Mars mission readies tiny chopper for Red Planet flight. Marsha P. Johnsons Legacy Spurs Google Gift for Transgender Rights. Mask Exemption Cards From the ‘Freedom to Breathe Agency’ They’re Fake. Mask Fights: America Is Fighting Over Coronavirus Safety. Meet the Prowler: The Bizarro Tribute to Hot Rods. Messi joins Ronaldo Pele Puskas Romario in 700goal club. Messi scores 700th goal with Panenka penalty but Barcelona draw. Met Gala challenge paper dress goes viral. Michael Hawley Programmer Professor and Pianist Dies at 58. Micheal Martin Becomes Ireland’s Prime Minister as Rival Parties Ally. Microsoft Aims to Train 25 Million Workers Free in 2020. Middle East risks renewed arms race US warns. Millions of Hong Kongers Are Offered Chance to Emigrate to U.K.. Mississippi governor signs bill to retire flag with Confederate emblem. MLB teams cant ID players who test positive. Mortar Strikes Kill at Least 20 at Livestock Auction in Afghanistan. Most People With Coronavirus Won’t Spread It. Why Do a Few Infect Many. Most Presidents would try to stop the US from barreling toward disaster but Trump has nothing to say and no answers to mitigate a calamity unfolding on his watch. Murder arrest after Nicole Smallman and Bibaa Henry found dead in park. MVPs say time to pull Landis name off plaques. My business will close if I cant reopen soon. My chronic acne inspired me to start my own skincare company.

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