Top news world today 2020/7/1 Morning, part-3

Discover Top news world today 2020/7/1 Morning, part-3

PG&E’s Plan to Resolve Bankruptcy Wins Court Approval. Planemaker Airbus plans to cut 1700 UK jobs. Please dont forget us: Coronavirus adds to court cases backlog. Poland’s VirusDelayed Presidential Election Suddenly Looks Tight. Pompeo Urges U.N. to Extend Iran Arms Embargo. Powell to Warn Lawmakers of ‘Extraordinarily Uncertain’ Outlook. Predicting the Premier League battle for Europe: Wolves in; Spurs Arsenal miss UCL. Premier League does not endorse political movements. Premier League games with no fans: How players coaches cope with the silence. Premier League offers womens football £1m to help start 202021 season. Projects to Stash Carbon Dioxide Underground Get a Boost. Prosecutors appeal decision suppressing video in Patriots owner prostitution case. Protest rights: We have a right to protest despite coronavirus. Putin Pushes Through Referendum Even as Virus Surges in Russia. Queenie author Candice CartyWilliams wins British Book Award. Raising a FreeRange Child in 2020 Try a Smartwatch. Ramadan: Fasting safely during coronavirus crisis. Rankin portraits celebrate NHS workers during pandemic. Ranking soccers alltime top 101 kits. Rat! Doughnut! Becker & Kyrgios in Twitter war of words. Rayshard Brooks: Accused officer bailed despite widows plea. Rebecca Ferguson: When I tried to speak about racism doors were closed. Recovering from coronavirus: Three harrowing stories of surviving Covid19. Reddit Acting Against Hate Speech Bans ‘TheDonald’ Subreddit. Reddit Bans TheDonald a Popular Forum for Trump Supporters. Reddits Steve Huffman on Banning ‘TheDonald’ Subreddit. Refi rates at 2.53% APR 15 yr. Do you qualify. Regeneron Funneled Kickbacks Through a Patient Charity Federal Lawsuit Claims. Remdesivir the First Coronavirus Drug Gets a Price Tag. Rental escooters to be made legal on roads in Great Britain from Saturday. Rental escooters to be made legal on UK roads from Saturday. Restaurant employee quits after owner jokingly referred to blackened chicken wings menu item as I Cant Breathe. Rightwing group believes Sacha Baron Cohen was behind prank. Rising Seas Threaten an American Institution: The 30Year Mortgage. Robert Laughlin Preserver of a Mayan Language Dies at 85. Roblox accounts hacked to support Donald Trump. Robodolphin creates a splash and other tech news. Rockies OF Desmond opting out citing high risk. Ron Rivera: Dont bet against Cam with Patriots. Roundup Maker to Pay $10 Billion to Settle Cancer Suits. Ruhollah Zam: Iran sentences journalist to death for fanning unrest. Russias Putin appeals to patriotism as key vote reaches climax. Sanofi Accelerates Its Timeline for Coronavirus Vaccine Development. Scientists Predict Scorching Temperatures to Last Through Summer. Scientists Say New Strain of Swine Flu Virus Is Spreading to Humans in China. SCOTUS sides with in key trademark case . Security Law Russian Bounties Huawei: Your Wednesday Briefing. See How Dolphins Learn This Eating Trick. See starstudded Princess Bride remake. She tried to get an abortion during the pandemic. Her state wouldnt allow it. Shell takes $22bn hit over low oil prices. Shift Plans to Go Public This Year as Covid19 Boosts Online Car Sales. Silver: On track but virus spread may stop NBA. Sitting All Day May Increase Your Risk of Dying From Cancer. Small businesses leave $130 billion in emergency relief untouched and ask Congress to rethink the aid. Snakes can glide through the air and this is how. Social distancing: A practical guide to how to socialise now. SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son Quits Alibaba Board. Some of Californias Sexiest Mansions Are Getting GRated Rebrands. Sorry eBay and Uber. You’re Hated.. Sources say the President was so woefully unprepared for conversations with rivals and allies that he presented a national security threat. Sources: NBA plans Black Lives Matter on courts. Spies and Commandos Warned Months Ago of Russian Bounties on U.S. Troops. Spotifys Talk Isnt Cheap. Starbucks Barista Gets $87000 in Donations After Customer’s Mask Complaint. States Pause Plans to Reopen as Cases Soar. Step inside this Latin superstars luxury homes in Colombia. Stokes to captain England in first West Indies Test . Study Raises Concerns for Pregnant Women With the Coronavirus. Study Suggests Coronavirus Emerged In Spain Much Earlier Than Thought. Study: Bandana masks may be less effective. Supreme Court Eases Trademark Rules for Online Companies. Supreme Court opens door to state funding for religious schools. Suspicions of Russian Bounties Were Bolstered by Data on Financial Transfers. Swansea tidal energy: Hopes of backing for Dragon Island plan. Swimming With the Sea Lions of Los Islotes. Taiwan Celebrates Pride With a Public Parade. Taking down an episode of The Golden Girls wont fix the real problem. TaskRabbit C.E.O. to Step Down a Blow for Silicon Valley Diversity. Tehran clinic hit by deadly explosion. Telegram to Pay $18.5 Million to Settle SEC Charges. Texas doctor: Patients are near death coming in too late. Texas realtor group says it will no longer use the word master to describe bedrooms and bathrooms in its listings. That frightens me: Dr. Gupta reacts to governors July 4th plans. The body of one of three missing men has been found on Mount Rainier. The Challenges of the Pandemic for Queer Youth. The Classic Pasta Recipe Every Cook Should Master. The coronavirus lockdown hit JCPenney even harder than we thought. The drama that changed TV history 30 years ago. The dreaded middle seat on airplanes is coming back. The economy is falling apart but Wall Street had its best quarter in decades. The Environmental Justice WakeUp Call. The EU opens its borders but not to Americans. The Great Wonders Beyond the Great Reef. The Hamptons Summer House Share: Coronavirus Edition. The Haunting Beauty of a HuttoHut Hike in the Dolomites. The Iciest Waters Around Antarctica Are Less Icy. The iconic lion statues outside the New York Public Library are wearing face masks to encourage humans to do the same. The Last Legs Alex Brooker: Viewers dont define me by my disability. The lasting gift of the Fourth of July. The Long Unhappy History of Working From Home. The love letter to my neighbourhood that helped me flee my country. The New York Times Pulls Out of Apple News. The orphaned baby squirrel eating video that went viral. The Pandemic May Spare Us From Another Plague: Bedbugs. The Papers: More local lockdowns to follow Leicester. The Rebel Physicist on the Hunt for a Better Story Than Quantum Mechanics. The Roman Republic Was Teetering. Then a Volcano Erupted 6000 Miles Away.. The staff battling coronavirus in a Barcelona ICU. The Staying Inside Guide: Masters of Illusion. The Supreme Court decision on Trumps tax records just got even more urgent. The V.A. Made Me Vomit. And That Was a Good Thing.. The virus hunter who got Covid. The White House is defending the President against accusations he didnt respond to intel about Russia paying bounties to the Taliban for killing US troops. The whitecollar revolt against Trump is peaking. Theresa May criticises PM over choice of Brexit envoy for security role. These are the states requiring people to wear masks when out in public. These HighEnd Home Offices Mean Business. These masks do more than prevent coronavirus. They do not see themselves as heroes but rather teammates in a race against a virus. They Wanted You to Bet on Sharks. The Odds Were Not in Their Favor.. This may be the big winner of the market crash. This Pilates Business Loves and Hates Tech. Those Who Can’t March Can Still Make a Difference. Three days in July around The Decision: Inside the maneuvers that transformed the NBA. Three Essential Novels That Movingly Explore Racism in the U.S.. Tigers give $8.4M deal to No. 1 pick Torkelson. TikTok didnt store iPhone clipboard data. TikTok Is Shaping Politics. But How. Trump defends racists in monument debate. Trump Got Written Briefing in February on Possible Russian Bounties Officials Say. Trump says masks are a doubleedged sword. Goldman Sachs says they could help save the economy. Trying to Correct Banking’s Racial Imbalance. Trying to hit Sandy Koufax was like drinking coffee with a fork. Twitch suspends Trump campaign account. Twitch Suspends Trump’s Channel for ‘Hateful Conduct’. Two Black Holes Colliding Not Enough Make It Three. Two Friends in Texas Were Tested for Coronavirus. One Bill Was $199. The Other $6408.. Two teenagers shot in Seattles Chop autonomous zone. U.N. Security Council Rebuffs Pompeo on Iran Arms Ban. U.S. Allies Capture China Tech Business Despite Washingtons Curbs. U.S. Commandos at Risk for Suicide: Is the Military Doing Enough. U.S. Hits Another Record for New Coronavirus Cases. U.S. Presses Europe to Uproot Chinese SecurityScreening Company. U.S. Sets Record for Daily New Cases as Virus Surges in South and West. U.S. States Backtrack on Reopening as Coronavirus Cases Climb. U.S. Virus Surge Hong Kong Pride: Your Monday Briefing. Uber in Talks to Buy Postmates for About $2.6 Billion. Uber Makes Offer to Buy Postmates Delivery Service. UK Biobank: DNA to unlock coronavirus secrets. UK economy: We are battered bruised but wiser after lockdown. UK on track for Vshaped recovery says Bank of England economist. Understanding the dress codes of Orthodox Jewish women. Universities and Tech Giants Back National Cloud Computing Project. University professor to retire following campus uproar over tweets. Urban dwellers yearn for Good Life allotments. US Army quarantines members of survival training course after one tests positive for coronavirus. US woman sparks tea outrage British military responds. Vatican Police Raid Basilica Offices in Corruption Probe. Viewpoint: I feel like I was accidentally hired. Voters in Poland Election Appear to Force a Runoff for President. Wary of Subways 6 Electric Options for a Solo Work Commute. Washing machines microplastic filters untested. Watch Anderson Coopers reaction to Mike Pence using the mword. We will get married and then go home. WH press secretary responds to accusations against Trump. What a Family That Lost 5 to the Virus Wants You to Know. What Americans Need to Know About Europe’s Travel Ban. What China’s New National Security Law Means for Hong Kong. What Coronavirus Researchers Can Learn From Economists. What It Takes to Run Spelling Manor The Disneyland of Private Homes. What Texas Would Look Like Without Obamacare. What to Do When You Need to Use a Public Bathroom During a Pandemic. What to Watch: A Documentary on Singing Legend Ella Fitzgerald. When the Police Treat Software Like Magic. When working from home is much more than emailing. Where coronavirus cases are rising and falling. Where in the world are coronavirus cases rising and falling. White House was warned about potential Russian bounties for killing US troops in early 2019. Who can now get a test. Who needs Wimbledon Strawberry sales soar. Why is UK recycling being dumped by Turkish roadsides. Why isnt Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill yet. Why Jeep Should Change Its Problematic Monikers. Why saying Black with a capital B isnt enough. Why the WHO got caught between China and Trump. Why You May Not Be Spreading Coronavirus. Why You Need a Trip to Toni Morrisons Mythical Caribbean This Summer. Wirecard UK unlocks customers cash as ban lifted. With Flights Banned Son Sails Solo Across Atlantic to Reach Father 90. With Much of the World’s Economy Slowed Down Green Energy Powers On. Woman was gored by a bison at park. Women With Cancer Awarded Billions in Baby Powder Suit. Wrongfully Accused by an Algorithm. Wrongly arrested Black man said he knew he was going to be falsely accused as police approached him. Young skater goes viral performing at Black Lives Matter Plaza. YouTube bans prominent white supremacist channels.

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